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Student Responsibilities Re: H1N1 Prevention and the Code of Discipline

This is to remind all concerned that cooperation with all precautions taken by the University as regards the possible spread of the Influenza A-H1N1 virus is part of the responsibility of all students.

Non-compliance will then be regarded as Offense Against Order. Any form of dishonesty with respect to information given to the community will be charged with Misrepresentation.

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Ateneo Debate Society Update

Another strong showing at this year's AustralsThe ADS completed another strong showing at this year's Australasian Intervarsity Debate Championships by finishing in the Top 8 teams of the competition. Team 1, composed of Ely Zosa (MA HI), Shiveena Parmanand (III AB DS), and Gica Mangahas (III AB SOS-DS) made it to the quarterfinals of the event.

The ADS was the only Asian team in the Top 8 and only one of 2 in the Top 16. There were 98 teams in the competition, which was hosted by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

The performance was made even more memorable because of the team's fighting spirit. At the end of the second day of preliminary rounds, the team's win-loss standing was at a discouraging 2-3. It was necessary for them to sweep the last day of debates in order to be in contention for the Top 16. After an intense final day of debating they completed the sweep and pulled through to the break rounds.

Motions from the last day
Round 6 - That the United States should stop funding the Colombian government
Round 7 - That we would give special treatment to single parents to allow them to raise their children from behind bars
Round 8 - That we would ban celebrities from participating in political campaign

After qualifying for the breaks, the team ranked 15th and were slated to face 2nd seeded University of Sydney Union in the octofinal round. The team was Affirmative, defending the motion 'that aid to Pakistan should be made conditional on allowing international forces to secure and monitor their nuclear sites.' In a momentous upset, the team pulled through to defeat the higher seed and take a slot in the Top 8.

Unfortunately the team lost an extremely close quarterfinal debate against Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) on a split decision. Vic went on to the Grand Final, where they were defeated by host university Monash.

Teams 2 and 3, composed of Vincenzo Tagle (IV AB EC-H), Mahar Mangahas (0 NON-DEGREE), and Danielle de Castro (MA POS); Cecile Gotamco (III AB DS), Jonathan Chu (IV BS ME), and James delos Santos (II AB COM), respectively; also had remarkable showings at the tournament. Both Teams 2 and 3 also finished the preliminary rounds at 5-3, with Team 2 missing the break only by a matter of points on the speaker tab. This consistently excellent performance across all teams rounds up what was certainly the strongest showing of any Asian institution at the event.

In a traditionally male-dominated field, the ADS is also proud to have been the only institution with an all-female team in the break rounds. The organization continues to break ground for women, particularly from Asia.

The organization's adjudicators were also very well-received, with alumnus Leloy Claudio (AB COM '07, Valedictorian) acting as a Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the tournament. Leloy judged the Grand Final, where he was joined by ther organization's previous moderator Sharmila Parmanand (AB POS '07). Marc Ryan Garcia (IV BS ME) also received good marks for his performance. The ADS remains committed to the development of its younger members, and is also very much proud of Pamela Chan (II BS ME), who in her first international tournament judged all the way to the quarterfinal of the main break, as well as the ESL Grand Final.

With the end of Australs also comes the end of the three-on-three season, and Varsity looks forward to competing in the British Parliamentary circuit once more. Next up will be the 11th National Debate Championship, to be hosted by Lyceum University, where the ADS seeks to defend its title for the 3rd straight year.

Angelica Simone A. Mangahas
Ateneo Debate Society

3 AB Social Science, AB Development Studies
Ateneo de Manila University

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ADMU goes to Cinemalaya 5

The Loyola Film Circle (LFC) would like to invite you the Cinemalaya screening of Shorts from Ateneo de Manila University on July 25, 2009, 12:45 pm at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Out of the 20 filmmakers selected, 12 are Loyola Film Circle members and alumni, including Jan Parma who directed this year's Orsem Film and Mark Peregrino, recipient of the Ateneo Art Award for Film last year. The other featured filmmakers are: JC Alelis, Jobo Ampil, Nicole Ang, Nikko Atienza, Essa Balao, Nikki Isaac, Gino Jose, Roel Mendoza, Gio Puyat, Karen Ramos, Mikhail Red, Dindin Reyes, Francis Tan, Shar Tan, Enzo Valdez, Julius Valledor, Gracie Vergara, and Christian Yap. Let’s support Philippine Cinema and our own homegrown film makers!

Central Board Meeting July 10, 2009

Situation Report 13 July 2009

Situation Report 13 July 2009

POWER: Upgrading of the Loyola Heights campus power distribution infrastructure to support new facilities is ongoing. Much was done in the summer but the following remains to be done:
1. For the 34.5KV loop distribution system of the Katipunan grid:
· Installation of new cable from Gate 3 to the new library.
· Installation of cable from the new Library to PLDT and JGSOM transformers.
· Modify distribution lines to the Science Education Complex buildings A, B and C.
· Installation of duct line and cables from new Rizal Library to Faura Hall.
· Install new 500/750KVA transformer for Faura, Schmitt, PIPAC at the Faura Hall transformer vault.
· Install new secondary lines for Schmitt Hall, PIPAC and Faura Hall.
  1. For Balara grid 5KV cables
· Wire and voltage phasing of new 5KVA cables and old cable at all oil switches, vacuum switches and transformer stations.
The efficient use of power on campus is also being improved. Higher efficiency in the use of power is achieved when power factor capacitors are installed in buildings on campus. This in turn is given proportionate discount (maximum of 4.5% discount) by Meralco. Shown below is the comparative efficiency of the three grids at the Loyola Heights campus.
Balara Grid
Period of Billing
Power Factor
Primary Discount
25 Mar to 25 Apr 09
25 Apr to 25 May 09
25 May to 24 Jun 09
Barangka Grid
Period of Billing
Power Factor
Primary Discount
25 Mar to 25 Apr 09
25 Apr to 25 May 09
25 May to 24 Jun 09
Katipunan Grid
Period of Billing
Power Factor
Primary Discount
25 Mar to 25 Apr 09
25 Apr to 25 May 09
25 May to 24 Jun 09
Meralco’s discount for power factor is fairly substantial given the cost of electricity and is a key component in the power cost reduction program. As can be seen in the tables above, several buildings in the Barangka grid need more power factor capacitors as they pull down the total power use efficiency of the grid.
TRAFFIC: The incidence of accidents along Katipunan Avenue and on campus has decreased but still needs attention. On campus, a driver of a Loyola Schools freshman crossing University Avenue at pedestrian lane near Fr. Arrupe Road was sideswiped by an ABS-CBN pick-up at 8:10 p.m. last Friday night, 10 July. The driver of the vehicle was not even aware that he had hit a pedestrian and had to be intercepted by the guards. The vehicle involved and license of the driver is shown below:

The victim (shown below) was taken by campus security to Quirino Memorial Medical Center for treatment of a head wound he incurred. The ABS-CBN driver shared with the employer of the victim the medical bill incurred.
At 10:10 yesterday morning, 13 July a Loyola Schools student’s vehicle making a u-turn below the Gate 2.5 footbridge was bumped by a speeding southbound truck. Damage as shown in the pictures below was substantial but no injuries to occupants.
PARKING: Problems with parking is confined to:
  1. Congestion several times during the day before and during dismissal of the Grade School.
  2. There is limited parking near buildings in the college complex.
  3. Problems have been reported regarding some students parking in faculty parking and some faculty members parking in parking areas designated for students
The community should know that:
  1. Gate pass stickers are mainly for access on campus and allow vehicles to go anywhere on campus.
  2. The gate pass sticker allows the holder of the gate pass long term (all morning or afternoon) parking at designated parking areas of the unit the sticker belongs to.
  3. Short time/limited parking is allowed on another unit’s parking area for official business such as meetings or fetching of students with the following limitations:
· Parking is not allowed in School Service/bus designated parking area.
· Parking is not allowed at faculty parking area or Parent Volunteer Marshal parking area (even for faculty member of another school unit).
· Parking is limited i.e., immediately before dismissal time of the student to be fetched and should not exceed 45 minutes after dismissal time. For example a vehicle with a Loyola Schools sticker can park at the Grade School area for the purpose of fetching a student just before dismissal time and within a reasonable time after dismissal. Dismissal of various grade levels takes only 30 to 45 minutes to clear or complete.
· Parking areas designated for use of the Grade School is only from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday only. After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, the parking area designated for the Grade School is open for use of other units.
SECURITY: The community is reminded to be vigilant for intruders and thieves. A LS department was robbed of a laptop during lunch time. The intruder managed to enter the department in the guise of looking for a faculty member.
A con artist also managed to order pastries by pretending to be a resident of EAPI. Below is report of the incident that happened at 3:00 p.m. last Saturday, 11 July:
A Red Ribbon delivery came with a box of cake and some pastries ordered by a certain Fr. Tolentino. When the delivery boy came, he was met by the supposed Fr. Tolentino. He entered through the lobby (and not the reception) and brought the boy to the second floor which we call the TV room. He even turned on the TV for the delivery boy and got the merchandise. He told the boy to wait while he would get the payment. Then, the supposed Fr. Tolentino went through the back room, went down through the other side of the building and went out through the EAPI-Miriam Friendship bridge. On is way out, he even gave the pastries to workers or participants he met on the way. He kept the cake for himself. The poor delivery boy waited a long time and when he finally got impatient and asked around, that was the only time all realized that they have been duped. There is no Fr. Tolentino in EAPI.
I am narrating this because the "swindler" might try again and with other offices as well.
On our end, we are planning to lock the lobby door and use only one entry point for all participants and visitors. This will give us more control and visibility of everyone who enters the premises.”

ENVIRONMENT: Wildlife still thrives in the Loyola Heights campus. There are instances when they cross paths with humans and harmonious coexistence is disrupted. At 10:50 p.m. last Saturday, 11 July a constrictor (“sawa”) snake strayed into San Jose Seminary and alarmed seminarians there. Although alerted to the presence of a snake, one seminarian not aware of the presence of the snake was bitten in the elbow as he was climbing up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the College Building of the seminary. Although the snake is of the non-venomous type, the seminarian was taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. Campus security was called in for assistance. The snake was found in the kitchen under a table. SG INDION P CRIDO and SG RENATO T JUDAN captured the snake. Although SG INDION P CRIDO has captured many snakes already, he was also bitten in the left hand. He was taken to the hospital for anti-rabies shots and reported back to duty.


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Sanggunian Operations Moved to MVP210


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Central Board Meeting June 26, 2009



Ang Opisyal na Pahayag ng Matanglawin ukol sa Iniratsadang Con-Ass ng Kamara

Ika-2 ng Hunyo. Lagpas alas-onse na ng gabi subalit halos puno pa rin ang kadalasa’y bungi-bunging mga upuan sa Mababang Kapulungan. Maingay sa bulwagan dulot ng kabi-kabilang mga debate, talumpati at girian ng mga Kongresista ukol sa House Resolution 1109. Nilalayon nito na tipunin ang mga miyembro ng Kongreso upang amyendahan ang Konstitusyon sa pamamagitan ng tatlong-kapat na boto ng lahat ng miyembro nito. Bago maghatinggabi, naipasa ang nasabing resolusyon, isang nakapagtataka at nakapagdududang kaganapan sapagkat bibihirang mangyari na mabilisang naaksiyunan ng Mababang Kapulungan ang isang nakahaing panukala. Katibayan dito ang marami pang nakabinbing usapin tulad na lamang ng mga batas ukol sa repormang agraryo.

Nakalulungkot, nakahihiya at nakangangalit ang ginawang pagratsada ng mayorya sa Mababang Kapulungan sa HR 1109. Isang pang-aabuso ito sa kapangyarihan at pribilehiyong ipinahiram sa kanila ng taumbayan. Waring hindi pinag-isipan ng mga sumuporta rito ang legalidad, katwiran at kahihinatnan ng resolusyong ito, bagkus pawang mga pansariling-interes lamang nila ang kanilang isinaalang-alang.

Kaugnay nito, hindi sumasang-ayon ang Matanglawin sa naipasang resolusyon patungkol sa Constituent Assembly batay sa mga susunod na argumento:

Minadali at Mahina ang Batayan. Samantalang usad-pagong ang pagpasa sa ilan pang mahahalagang panukalang batas gaya ng Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (Carper), Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (Garb) at Anti-Child Pornography Bill, nakagugulat ang pagpapasa ng HR 1109 na nagawa pa nilang paglamayan. Batid maging ni Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte, ang orihinal na may-akda ng HR 1109, na mabilisan ang ginawang pagpasa ng resolusyon sapagkat wala na rin umanong sapat na oras upang susugan ang Konstitusyon bago ang Halalan 2010. Hindi rin malinaw ang di-iilang probisyon dito gaya ng anyo ng pamamahalang isasakatuparan. Isama pa rito ang mga alanganing interpretasyon ng mga Kongresista sa batas ukol sa pag-amyenda ng Konstitusyon.

Mahigpit na Pagkapit sa Kapangyarihan. Sapagkat natatangi ang pagpapahalaga ng Mababang Kapulungan sa HR 1109, hindi maiiwasang maisaisip na may motibo ang mga pilit na nagtulak na maisakatuparan ang nasabing resolusyon. Sang-ayon sa Konstitusyon ng 1987, hanggang sa ikatlong termino lamang maaaring maupo sa puwesto ang mga lokal na opisyal na gaya ng Kongresista. Sa kasalukuyan, marami sa kanila ang hindi na maaaring tumakbo sa Halalan sa 2010 sapagkat huling termino na nila. Kinakailangan pa nilang maghintay ng tatlong taon upang muling mapahintulutang tumakbo sa pagka-Kongresista. Ngunit, sa oras na maisakatuparan ang pag-amyenda sa Konstitusyon, kung saan maituturing na “bagong panimula” ang babalangkasing Saligang-Batas, maari na muli silang tumakbo sa pagka-Kongresista sapagkat hindi na kikilalanin sa bilang ang mga nauna nilang termino.

Para sa Kaligtasan ni Arroyo. Hindi malayong nasa likod ng balak na pagsasakatuparan ng HR 1109 ang pagsisikap na mapanatili o higit pang mapalawig ang kapangyarihan ni Pangulong Arroyo upang mailigtas ito mula sa kumunoy ng mga isasampang kaso sa kaniya sa oras na hindi na siya Pangulo. Bagaman agad na ginarantiya ng mga sumuporta sa HR 1109 na magkakaroon ng Halalan sa 2010 at hindi ito magbibigay-daan upang magkaroon ng ekstensiyon sa termino ng Presidente, Bise-Presidente, mga Senador, Kongresista, Gobernador, Alkalde at mga halal na opisyal na magtatapos ang termino sa 2010, sino pa nga ba ang magtitiwala lalo na’t minsan nang bumali sa sariling salita ang mga halal na opisyal, kabilang na nga riyan ang Punong Ehekutibo mismo. Hindi mapabubulaanang hawak ng administrasyon ang mayorya sa Mababang Kapulungan. Kung mapahahaba ang termino ng Pangulo, mapahahaba din ang kaniyang imunidad sa kaniyang mga napipintong kaso. Sa kasalukuyang imahe ng gobyernong Arroyo, na talamak ang pang-aabuso sa mga butas ng batas, bantog sa mga katiwalian at kawalang katarungan, mahirap magbigay ng ni katiting na pagkakataon upang mapahaba ang termino ng sinoman.

Paggahasa sa Kalikasan. Kung sakali mang tuparin nga ng mga mambabatas ang kanilang salita at tanging mga probisyong ekonomikal lamang ang babaguhin, maaring maisakatuparan ng nasabing resolusyon ang panukalang batas ni Ispiker Prospero Nograles, ang House Bill 737. Sa pagpapatupad nito, mabibigyang-daan ang 100% pag-aari ng mga banyaga sa mga lupain ng Filipinas. Sa batas na ito, waring lubusan na ring ipinagkaloob sa kamay ng mga dayuhang kapitalista ang bansa at maaagnas ang proteksiyon sa pang-aabuso sa mga likas na yaman sapagkat hindi na mapipigilan ang gawaing pagmimina at pang-industriyalisasyon. Pinaiigting ng resolusyong ito ang kapitalismo, hindi ang kapakanan ng mga Filipino.

Labag sa Konstitusyon. May hamon din ukol sa legalidad ng HR 1109. Iginigiit ng mga Kongresista na sumusuporta dito na dapat bumoto ang Mababang Kapulungan at Senado bilang isang Kapulungan upang amyendahan ang Konstitusyon. Iba naman ito sa sinasabi ng Senado na dapat hiwalay ang pagboto ng Mababang Kapulungan at Senado at marapat na parehong makalikom ng tatlong-kapat na boto ang parehong Kapulungan. Tampulan ng debate ng mga mambabatas ang pagbasa sa ibig sabihin ng “tatlong-kapat na boto ng lahat ng miyembro ng Kongreso.” Mismong si Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ, isa sa mga delegadong nagbalangkas ng Konstitusyon ng 1987, ang isa sa mga nagsasabing paglalaro sa pagbabasa ng Konstitusyon ang ginawa ng mga Kongresistang sumuporta sa HR 1109. Kailangan umanong tanggapin ng Kamara ang pakikisangkot at hiwalay na boses ng Senado.

Pagmamanipula. Sa oras na maging isang ganap o aktuwal na kontrobersiya ang patuloy na pagtatalaban o pagtatalo hinggil sa isinasaad ng Kontitusyon patungkol sa “tatlong-kapat” na boto ng mga miyembro ng Kongreso sa pag-amyenda ng Saligang-Batas, kung magkasama ba ito o hiwalay na gaganapin ng Kamara at Senado, dadalhin ang kaso sa Mataas na Hukuman upang pagpasyahan kung alin nga ba sa dalawang opsiyon ang marapat na sundin, alinsunod sa Artikulo VIII, Seksiyon 1 ng Saligang Batas. Sa kasalukuyang pamunuan sa Mataas na Hukuman, mayorya sa mga nakaupo roon ang itinalaga ng Pangulo. Dahil dito, naroon ang malaking posibilidad na sa pagdating ng puntong pagpasyahan ng huli kung ano ang marapat na interpretasyon sa panukalang botohan upang maamyendahan ang Konstitusyon, makikilingan nila ang katuparan ng interes ng kasalukuyang administrasyon. Kamakailan nga lamang, naibasura ang inihaing kaso nina Atty. Oliver Lozano at Atty. Evangeline Lozano na nagpapawalang-bisa sa HR 1109.

NAKALULUNGKOT isipin na inuuna pa nga ng nakararaming mga mambabatas ang pansariling interes at kapakanan ng mga banyaga kaysa mga usaping nauukol sa pagresolba sa katarungang panlipunan at paghihirap ng mga Filipino. NAKAHIHIYANG tanggapin na mismong mga Kongresista na dapat sana’y bihasa sa pagbabasa ng batas ang mismong lumalabag sa mga ito. Sila pa mismo ang humahanap ng butas at teknikalidad upang lusutan ang batas. Ang mas malala pa, pinipilit ng gobyerno na papanatagin ang kalooban ng mga tao sa kabila ng garapal na mekanismong ito. Hindi sana naisagawa ang pagpapasa ng resolusyon kung walang nanggagamit at nagpapagamit. NAKANGANGALIT talusin na hindi isinusulong ng mga mambabatas ang karapatan ng mga mamamayang kanilang pinangangatawanan. NAKATATAKOT isipin na magtatagal pa si Arroyo sa kaniyang pamumuno maging ang kaniyang mga kaalyado.

Sa ganitong mga kadahilanan tumututol ang Matanglawin sa naihaing Constituent Assembly. Hinihimok ng Matanglawin ang komunidad ng Ateneo at iba pang institusyon na tutulan ang nasabing hakbangin ng mga mambabatas sa pamamagitan ng pagsasagawa ng mga produktibong hakbang upang ipahayag ang galit at pagkadismaya sa anomang aksiyong gaya ng HR 1109.

Naniniwala ang Matanglawin na hindi sa ganitong kaparaanan makakamit ang sinasabing estabilidad at pagresolba sa mga suliranin ng bansa. Kaya naman mainam na maging mulat, makibahagi at makialam sa anopamang tahasang pagsasawalang-bahala sa karapatan at hinaing ng taumbayan, at hadlangan ang pagpapalala ng suliraning estruktural ng bansa. Sapagkat sa pagwawalang-bahala nananahan ang pagpapaubaya at pagpapabayang manatili ang mga ganid sa kapangyarihan at takot managutan.

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